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Toruk Vodka

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Toruk Craft is distilled from red & white autumn wheat. After multiple distillations, it rests for 25 days, which gives Toruk a delicate taste.

Crafting Toruk: From Field to Bottle

The journey of Toruk begins long before it is bottled. Delicate autumn wheat demands meticulous care and cultivation. With a deeper soil surface of 12 cm, the seeds are handpicked for their health, high quality, and absence of additives or disease, ensuring robust germination.

Come spring, the fields are meticulously tended and prepared for sowing in the highlands after September 15th. With minimal irrigation to preserve the grain's essence, the crop receives precise fertilisation and feeding throughout its growth, maximizing its yield. The result? Soft, dry, white, and red autumn wheat of exceptional quality.

Once combined, this carefully selected raw material undergoes multiple distillations and a transformative "resting" period of 20-25 days, culminating in the creation of our unique and captivating vodka. Every step of the process is meticulously overseen by our team of experts, ensuring uncompromising quality and attention to detail.

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